Promoting your market on a small budget is a big challenge. Whether you are creating awareness for a new market, advertising a specific market program, or giving social media a try, you need to get the word out quickly, easily and on a dime! 

Section 1.1: Community Partnership Ideas

1.1.1: The Parma Market needed a way a way to fund much-needed basic market start up necessities. So they turned to their community to sponsor items like posters, banners, sandwich boards, port-potties and other needs, in exchange for free advertising and an opportunity join in growing a market in this small community. We've included the brochure they distribute to local leaders, businesses and friends. 

1.1.2: Maybe you have the creative gene. Maybe you don't... but chances are someone in your community would leap at a chance to show what they've got. Every year in Moscow, the Farmers Market holds a poster design contest. The winner receives a $100 prize - you could offer market tokens or coupons It's a fraction of the fee you would pay a professional designer, and they get outstanding results. Check the file for their poster contest application, as well as a winning design from recent years. 

1.1.3: A presentation from Boise SBA Economics Development Specialist Irene Gonzales on building support from the ground up, including innovative, budget friendly ideas for generating priceless word-of-mouth buzz about your market.

Section 1.2: Tips for Success with Social Media

1.2.1: Emily Crawford, Director of Communications and Marketing, Pike Place Market shares her presentation for growing your online presence. Learn the difference between websites, blogs and other media, and see how using ready made templates and hosting sites can make it that much easier for you to create professional looking content that is easy to update and manage. 

1.2.2: Trying to make sense of social media? What are the popular choices, and what application is best for what purpose? This simple infographic illustrates the common options and when (and why) you might choose one or the other for communication with your target audience.

1.2.3: Top notch examples of digital / social media use. Check out Capital City Public Market's engaging facebook page and the Sandpoint Markets Comprehensive website

Section 1.3: Marketing Your Market

1.3.1: This factsheet + worksheet from the Farmers Market Coalition will guide you through the complex work of understanding your market image and how it is perceived by others. This helps you communicate your market's purpose, message and uniqueness to customers and will help get your vendors on the same page as well as you work together!

1.3.2: It doesn't require a degree in public relations to Spread the Word About Your Market. This handy guide walks you through the process of creating traditional press releases, radio, print and television ads, and also suggests low cost, grassroots methods for taking advantage of free advertising opportunities. 

1.3.3: The Best in Show Market Promotion Kit is an incredible, FREE resource from the Washington State Farmers Market Association. It includes beautiful camera ready market artwork in English AND Spanish, ready to be incorporated into your own posters, advertisement, merchandise and more.

1.3.4 We looked high and low to source examples of great media being used to promote Idaho Farmers Markets. Whether it's a video, blog, poster or advertisement, we hope you find inspiration!