Negotiating the complex web or rules and regulations that affect your market can be overwhelming. Knowing what is required and where to go for answers are essential components of doing business and protecting your market, vendors and customers. 

Section 3.1 Regulatory Contacts and Resources

3.1.1 The Idaho State Department of Agriculture's Idaho Farmers Market Manual contains a section on permits, rules and regulations, pages 13-24.

3.1.2 The Dept. also publishes a guide on Starting a Specialty Food Business in Idaho, covering all the aspects of value added food product creation and sales.  

3.1.3 The Idaho Farmers Market Association has created a one page directory listing relevant regulatory agencies, to help you quickly locate help and answers.

Section 3.2 Food Handling and Sampling Requirements

3.2.1 This presentation from Idaho Food Protection Program Manager, Patrick Guzzle, outlines the particular rules and regulations that relate to foods at Idaho Farmers Markets.

3.2.2 Whether selling prepared foods or just sampling your product, a handwashing station is a must. This simple, inexpensive handwashing station diagram from Southwest District Health makes it easy. 

Section 3.3 Cottage Foods at Idaho Farmers Markets

3.3.1 The Idaho Farmers' Market Association developed this at-a-glance reference guide to the Idaho Food Code revisions and explains how cottage foods may be incorporated into your vendors' product mix.

3.3.2 Have more questions about cottage foods? The Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare offers this FAQ

3.3.3 While not a requirement, it is highly recommended that vendors selling cottage food products complete this simple, no cost risk assessment form to find out if their product fits the criteria for safety.